Future’s Past Logo


Our third assignment for the subject “Media Design”, was to design a corporate identity, for one of the companies we could choose ourselves. This identity had to consist of a logo with color scheme, a business card and a mock-up. In this blogpost I’m going through my color scheme and logo. We could choose between four companies, out of the Event, Music, Entertainment and Gaming branche. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go for Event or Music, but eventually I went for the one from Event.

A short version of the briefing:

“Future’s Past is a company that has been organizing a festival for five years, where artists with big hits in the past work together with new artists. Future’s Past also wants to highlight the artists of the future.

The target group of Future’s Past is quite large. Every year there are artists on stage from the 70’s, to the newest discoveries of these days.

The company wants show a cosy, warm atmosphere, where everyone (of every age and origin) who loves pop music, feels at home and can escape everyday life. Future’s Past brings new life to old music and also gives new music to opportunity to break through.

The key words are: music, old, new, retro, warm atmosphere, outside, forest, tent, festival

I started of with sketching and after that I designed a bit in Adobe Illustrator. To get some more inspiration I googled all kinds of images with my key words and I also did a typographic research. After my researches I came to a retro-minded color scheme. And a logo where I used a “play” and “pause” button in combination with a tent for a retro, festival feeling.

Logo including a colour scheme
Logo including a colour scheme
Logo without text, so it will always be recognisable.
Logo without text, so it will always be recognisable.

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