At the beginning of the second semester, it was yet again time for the second project of the year. Together with six class mates, we were asked to create a concept for an existing client! The clients were chosen by the study coaches, so every class had an other assignment. We, in fact, did not just get some pop venue or festival, our client was “Bartiméus“. This is an organisation that helps people with a visual disability in their day to day life.

We travelled to Zeist, where Bartiméus is based, to meet our clients and to find out what their exact aims are. Bartiméus is currently working on a new project, called: ICT4VIP, they make sure that blind people and the visually impaired, can get better help, using the latest technology. What they do need are volunteers to get feedback on their products and to find out what they really need. At the moment, the group of volunteers is very small and ICT4VIP also has very little brand awareness. So it was our task to come up with a new, strong concept to inform the target audience (blind youths and older people) about ICT4VIP, so they want to be volunteers as well.

During the project, we also got individual tasks, and just like last time, I got to be the chairwoman. This meant I had to lead the meetings and the particulars. Next to that, I had to make sure everything was done in time and give tasks to the other project members. Of course, not everything always went as planned, two of the members even quit school. Though, the position of chairwoman is something I definitely want to grow in. I have gotten better at leading a small group of creative individuals, but I’ve learned that I can be stricter.

After making an analysis report, we got on to creating two concepts. These were eventually brought together in a concept book and sent to our client. Bartiméus had to choose one of our concepts, so we could use it to make a practical communication plan. The concept they chose was an exposition, especially held for the blind, visually impaired and their accompanying persons. The idea was to create an exposition, in a dark room, where well known art works and new art works were exposed in 3D. So everyone would be able to feel paintings like the Mona Lisa, and the accompanying persons would experience what the blind people go through everyday.

On the 11th of June, we had to pitch this concept again in front of our client, where we also had to build an experience around it. Our client was very enthusiastic about our idea and they though it fitted their organisation very well. The question if they are really going to use our concept remains, but we’ve definitely learned a lot during this project!

Click here to view our concept book


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