IEMES exponent

Next to our main project in the second semester, we also had to do a second project for the subject “concepting”. This project was in commissioned by IEMESe (International Event, Music and Entertainment Studies – Exponent). The assignment was to create a concept for a new school system for Fontys ACI in 2016.

We had to do this project with the same members as the main project. Firstly we made the analysis, including the values of the school and the values of the student. Next to that, we also looked into the trends and summed it up in a oneliner: “The experience of students will bring us the future”. We also thought of a name for our concept: “EMEGination”. With our vision and oneliner, we also had to create a short video. In this video we had to show “WHY” we wanted to do this, instead of “WHAT” we’re going to do. Our final concept consisted of two parts

Our idea for the first part, is to flip the, in subjects organised, school system, fully around. We want to do this with a special project in each school period, which suits the branche subject of that period. So will a group of students, from the communications study and the commercial economics study, have to organise an event, during the period they have the subject “EVENT”. They will take everything they have learned into practise during this project.

The second part is to use a oculus rift with the branche subject, for a better experience with what the students are learning. Instead of just looking at powerpoint with text, the student will actually get the full experience, with walking around a festival through the oculus rift.

We had to pitch our concept on the 11th of June in front of our study coach and the client of IEMESe. One part of the pitch was to create an experience pitch, we wanted to do this using storytelling. We gave everyone in the classroom a blindfold, so nobody would see anything. I started telling my story about an experience at a festival. The students felt the cool summer wind, flying beer, the smell of beer and pizza and heard the music. We exaggerated these feelings with fans, towels soaked in beer, spray cans with water, background music and boxes with pizza. In this way, the students and clients were actually caught up in the story and experience, as if they really were at the festival. We got a lot of positive reactions!

Eventually, we also had to bring everything together in a creative concept book. Because we wanted to show the development from the past to now, we wanted to tell our ‘story’ again. Besides, we wanted to think ‘out of the box’ during the whole process. That’s why we thought of a way that we could also design our concept book this way, it is possible to fold up the book and fit it in a box. But you have to get it out of the box to read it. We’re very curious to hear what our clients think of our idea!

Concept book in the box
Concept book in the box
Concept book out of the box
Concept book out of the box

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