Inspiration Cover

Inspiration cover

During the second semester we’re going to “visualize” a brand. Based on core values, we’re going to look for a certain identity. We are this brand, a person in the creative industry.

We all had to choose five personal core values, and each value has an assignment attached to it. Eventually all of our assignments are going to be put together in our own personal magazines. The first assignment of this semester was to create a typographic poster, 
 the second assignment was to make a personal traffic sign and the third assignment was to visualise a song.

Eventually, all of the assignments are put together in a personal magazine, that’s why our fourth assignment was to create a cover, based on one of our inspirations. At first I didn’t really know who I wanted to put on my cover, I felt like I wanted a woman, for the “womanly feel”, but I didn’t know who. I chose it-girl Alexa Chung to put on my cover, she isn’t just gorgeous, but next to that she is also very multifaceted. She is a model, TV presenter and redactrice of ‘Vogue’ magazine. That’s why I connected this inspiration cover to my core value “versatility”. I am not just a communication student, I’m also a concept developer, designer, pianist, blogger, photographer, filmmaker, etc. Next to that, I happened to find the perfect photo to create a cover.

As title of my inspiration cover, I chose the name “Observe”. I chose for this, because I get inspired by everyone and everything around me. To do this, I have to look at them, so I have to OBSERVE. Alexa’s pose in the picture suited this very well as well. I don’t think my final magazine is going to get this name, because it might seem like I only observe… However, meanwhile I’m actually a person who wants to be busy with and work on things and create own ideas (after observing her surroundings of course).


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