Personal concept book

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In the second year of my education, we don’t have Media Design as a subject anymore, but have “Visuals & Concepts” instead. The main assignment for this year is to create a concept out of ourselves and expose it at the exposition, which is going to be in April. For the first semester we had to come up with a vision, conceptname, logo and branding strategy. All of this had to be put into a personal concept book, which should be 100% in your own style (also thinking about the way you bind the book).

After a lot of brainstorming and writing down what I think is important in current society, I came to a vision. “Open your eyes to enlighten the faces of the world”: I believe that the world is inspiring, everywhere around us you can find lovely things, moments, people. The only thing that needs to change, is the way we look at the world. Most of us are stuck in a never-ending-loop: Going to work/school, eating, socialise and off to bed; we often forget the appreciate the small things in our day. Also, we tend to take things way too seriously and I feel like we should start playing again, look at the world from a playful perspective. You will see things, you would have never seen before.

Eventually I came up with the name “Frisky Faces”, as I am looking at the faces of the street, music, art, fashion and people (the things that inspire me most). Frisky is another word for “playful, funny, etc”, so that is why my concept name is Frisky Faces.

With my vision and name in the back of my head, I started to draw logos and the result is a girl (who looks like me haha), with weird “frisky” eyes. I decided to craft my whole book by hand, putting my inspiration, illustrations and thoughts in there.

I chose to put a transparant layer on top and on the back, because I feel that everything can have an “art-layer”. I bound my book with cotton thread and handed it in with my dummy.


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