Personal logo

Personal Logo

During the second semester we’re going to “visualize” a brand. Based on core values, we’re going to look for a certain identity. We are this brand, a person in the creative industry.

We all had to choose five personal core values, and each value has an assignment attached to it. Eventually all of our assignments are going to be put together in our own personal magazines. The first assignment of this semester was to create a typographic poster, 
the second assignment was to make a personal traffic signthe third assignment was to visualise a song and the fourth assignment was to make an inspiration cover.

The fifth, and also last assignment, was to create a personal logo and put this into a mock up. This logo had to fit all of my core values, but also myself as a person. I wanted to do something with my own name, so that’s where I started sketching and sketching, and sketching. Finally, I came up with the idea to combine the A and the W, to create… a mountain.

The mountain is, in first place, for adventure, I’m very ‘adventurous’ and always curious for new things and go on new adventures. Besides, I also have to be very dedicated to go on and finish such adventurous, that’s why ‘dedication’ is also attached to the logo. Others actually told me that my ‘mountain’ also looked like a pencil, so there is ‘originality. Someone else told me that it was very playful to use a soft, round outside in combination with a sharp and straight inside. So this is linked to my playfulness. Eventually, my logo means a lot of different things and it can be interpreted in lots of different ways. And there is my final core value: ‘versatility’.

Everything came together in my logo, where I also chose for simplicity. I wanted a dynamic logo, that can still be recognisable in a 100 years. In the image above it is shown how my logo can be interpreted in lots of different ways, and underneath I edited my logo in some different mock ups.

I’m very curious to see how my logo will develop in the future.

My personal logo
My personal logo
Mock up: Tote bag
Mock up: Tote bag
Mock up: stationary
Mock up: stationary

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