Personal Magazine

During the second semester we’re going to “visualize” a brand at school. Based on core values, we’re going to look for a certain identity. We are this brand, a person in the creative industry.

We all had to choose five personal core values, and each value has an assignment attached to it. Eventually all of our assignments are going to be put together in our own personal magazines.

The first assignment of this semester was to create a typographic posterthe second assignment was to make a personal traffic signthe third assignment was to visualise a song, the fourth was to make an inspiration cover and the last one was to create a personal logo and put this into a mock up. After completing all of these assignments, the very last task was to put everything together in a magazine. We had to create our own cover, think of a name for the magazine, a style and find advertisements that go well with our personality and the rest of the magazine.

Firstly I thought of what I found important and I came to the conclusion that I think that everything around us is art. But we have to keep creating, to show and live in this world of art. So there was the name for my magazine: CREART. I created a mood board with inspiring photos and wanted to design my magazine in that style, but keep it simple. On the cover I wanted to do a photo of myself, but with a little touch to it… I then divided the magazine in chapters of subjects I love the most: music, art, fashion and lifestyle. In each chapter there were assignments included, that had something to do with it.

The magazine had to be around 15 pages long and consisting of 20% advertising material, I created one myself for the store “Urban Outfitters”, because I love their style and I also included an advertising from “Ben & Jerry’s” and “Nike”. It might be better to just view my magazine, to understand it and really get what I mean. Click here to view my magazine *

I really enjoyed the process of making my own magazine with all of my own artworks in it. During the making off my mag, I actually found my very own style and made things clear for myself. Next year we won’t have the subject “Media Design” anymore at school, but instead, we’ll have “Visuals”. Because in April 2016 we’re going to have an actual exposition, where we have to show and “sell” ourselves as a brand! I’m very excited and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring me.


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