Posters Urban Cone

At the study that I’m doing right now, we have a so called subject “Media Design”, where we learn to design posters, business cards, logos, etc. I thought it would be a nice idea to share the work I’ve created. You can actually track all my work by the label “media design”.

Our second assignment was to create two posters, for two different target groups. This was the exact assignment:

“Create two different posters for one imaginary event/festival. Make sure that you get your message to two totally different target groups.”

So, I had to create two posters for this assignment, while listening to the song “Urban Photograph”, from (yeah I know) “Urban Cone”, I came up with the idea to give my imaginary festival the name of “URBAN CONE”! With the first poster, I wanted to address to young ‘urban’-music loves, I did this by using bold colors and graphic shapes, with urban artist in the ice-cream cone. For the second poster, I wanted to address to people who are into urban-art. I used street art in the poster itself and made sure that the graphic design came back as well. My teacher told me I’m really starting to develop my own style.


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