Road Sign

Road sign

During the second semester, we’re going to “visualize” a brand. Based on core values, we’re going to look for a certain identity. We are this brand, a person in creative industry.

We all had to choose five personal core values, and each value has an assignment attached to it. Eventually all of our assignments are put together in our own personal magazines. The first assignment of this semester was to create a “typographic poster”.

The second assignment was to create an own road sign, using the program “Adobe Illustrator”, which also belongs to one of our core values. After creating it, we had to create a realistic environment around it.

My second core value is: “playful and freedom”, I think that you shouldn’t take everything so seriously and everyone should have fun in what they’re doing. The idea for the road sign, the swinging man, came to my mind very quickly. I did find some trouble with placing the sign in a surrounding. At first I wanted to place it in a serious working atmosphere, to show the contrast. Eventually I chose this background, because the students are working ‘seriously’, but they also show that you can have fun in what you’re doing.


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