Song lyrics visualization

Song lyrics visualization

During the second semester we’re going to “visualize” a brand. Based on core values, we’re going to look for a certain identity. We are this brand, a person in the creative industry.

We all had to choose five personal core values, and each value has an assignment attached to it. Eventually all of our assignments are going to be put together in our own personal magazines. The first assignment of this semester was to create a typographic poster and the second assignment was to make a personal traffic sign.

The third assignment was to visualise a song, which really suits you. We had the freedom to choose in which way we wanted to visualise this song, a video, a photo, a drawing, tattoo, everything was possible. After a long (a VERY long) search, I eventually ended up with a band, which also made me listen to indie-rock a lot. This band is called “Foster the People” and the song I picked was “Call It What You Want”. The song is mainly about being yourself, and not care about what others (especially the media) thinks of it. That’s why I made the connection with my core values “originality and authenticity”. 

At first I really wanted to create a video, with lots of creativity in it (like in the video clip of this song). But, because of my perfectionism, it didn’t really work out. However, I did get a new idea, why not try something new with my passion of photography and photo editing? Eventually I found out about a technique called “polygon”. The idea behind is that my personality is very creative and that I’m always very creative from the inside. That is why my faces is fully in polygon (creativity!). The rest of my body is in it’s original state, because I always want to stay who I am. Next to that, I put a blue frame around me, but I am in fact, in front of the frame! 


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